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“After my previous acupuncture physician stopped practicing, I had to look for a new practitioner. I had been in regular treatment for over 10 years, which also included getting through menopause with terrific results. I wanted someone not too far away from my house, and I found Dr. Li!! Her extensive medical background, and the fact that she teaches at the Miami Acupuncture and Massage College, made me decide to make an appointment with her, and I was very pleased with her demeanor and knowledge. She is very personable and professional, and with the first treatment my sinus problems and overall allergic skin reactions began to subside. After two more treatments I am well, and I could not be more pleased with my “new doctor”. I will definitely continue to seek treatment with Dr. Li in the future, and can recommend her without reservations.

Irene Stoehrfeldt

“Before I came to Dr Wu I was ashamed of the marks and scars on my legs to the point of not wanting my husband to see my skin, I was embarrassed of this and felt diseased. I started treating with Dr Wu using his Chinese herb cream and herb powder tea and begin to see results using these remedies v.s the traditional western medicine that was giving to me by my primary doctor that only made the skin condition worse. I’ve come to the conclusion that Doctor Wu have been the only one to help my skin to come back to life and I truly appreciate his work and patience to help get a better understanding of you and your medical needs and treating you as a whole person.
Thank you Doctor Wu, you are God sent!”

Shakima Randall

“I have to say Dr Li is amazing she has been helping me with the severe neck, back and shoulder pain that I’ve had for over 20 years and in only one or two sessions she was able to find the problem and at least 85% of the pain is gone. This has made a big difference in my life. I’m more energised and sleep much better, not to mention that I am in a much better mood!!!! 🙂 I had no idea that acupuncture could be so amazingly helpful.  She is professional and careful. I would recommend to visit for any type of pain.”

Mariana Miller

“I had severe muscle pain and was unable to turn my neck for a week. I visited Dr Wu’s clinic in Pembrooke Pines and after the first treatment the pain was gone. I went for two more sessions and was back to normal and exerting again. The best part was there no need for expensive X-rays, medication etc. I highly recommend Dr. Wu.

Prabhakar Ramalingam

“I initially brought my teenage son to Dr. Li to be treated for headaches and stomach issues. The results have been amazing. She is kind, patient and very effective. Thank You Dr. Li 

Manatee Print

“Great alternative to traditional medicine, Dr. Li and Dr. Wu are exceptional well trained Professionals very patient and good listeners, I was diagnosed with Vertigo with no treatment, after weeks struggling with this condition I decided to give a shot to alternative medicine, after a few visits and countless needles I was able to feel great improvement in my overall symptoms now I feel completely recovered, I highly recommend Serene Life Acupuncture. 

Jorge Perez

“My son had a very serious ulcerative colitis flare up in January. He was not improving despite the fact he was taking four different prescription medications. He was not sleeping well as he was waking up about five times per night to go to the bathroom with bleeding. After six weeks of no improvement, his gastroenterologist suggested if he did not improve soon, he would have to be hospitalized. At this point he had lost more than 20 lbs. This is when I took him to see Dr. Wu and Dr. Li. He was treated with acupuncture and prescribed Chinese herbs. After only two days on the herbs, he slept completely through the night and the bleeding was no longer apparent! He checked my son every few days and would adjust the herbs accordingly. Within one week of seeing Dr. Wu there was a dramatic change in his health. He has since gained all his weight back and continues to see Dr. Wu for regular treatments. Both Dr. Wu and Dr. Li are amazing practitioners who are also kind and compassionate. I feel very grateful that they were able to help him during such a scary time for our family.

Claudia Halwani

“Dr. Wu is a courteous and knowledgeable professional who takes the time to care for each of his patients, His treatments have changed my life. I had sciatica pain and he helped me be able to walk and sit normal again. I would highly recommend Dr. Wu to anyone that needs acupuncture treatments!!

Carmen Faria

“I am suffering of chronic sinusitis for a very long time but it got worse after my 2 pregnancies. I had to be on antibiotic sometimes two as nothing was effective anymore. Any little cold , sore throat would end up in a painful sinusitis. Last year was the worse episode and nothing was helping , ibuprofen for pain and inflammation, antibiotic, sedafed for congestion, nasal wash, i was miserable. Somehow I remembered the doctor that helped my husband and I text him same day to see if he can help. Dr Wu is always very attentive and he will help even if is weekend. He saw me the very next day and after one acupuncture session and the herbal tablets he gave me I start feeling better. By the 3rd day I was again myself. After 3 acupuncture session I had no more headache from the sinus pressure. I can not thank enough Dr Wu and his magic work. Thank you Dr Wu.

Gabriela Geletu

“For many years, I suffered from migraine headaches and back pain. I tried various Western treatments but could not find effective lasting relief. Finally, I researched about holistic healing and came across Serene Life Acupuncture. Dr. Fayi Wu demonstrated absolute knowledge, compassion and patience. He was able to find the root cause of my illness, and I have been pain free since. I highly recommend Dr. Wu to anyone who is seeking a healthier, happier life.

Karin C.

“I went to Doctor Wu because I had terrible back pains. I was aware of acupuncture, but never took a stab at it before. And was I wrong! It was an amazing experience, and my back pains went away in 3 sessions. That was 2 years ago, and never came back. Thank you, Doctor Wu! I will recommend this clinic to all my friends.

Christian Arama

“Dr. Li has proven to be extremely knowledgeable when it comes to healing those who are in pain anywhere in their bodies. My mother came in for a handful of sessions of acupuncture with her due to extreme back pain, and after coming into the office in crutches, she was able to walk out of the office without them. After this successful experience we recommended her to friends and family, who also felt immediate relief from the pain they were experiencing. I would recommend her to anyone that wants to feel better if they have any pain or health problems.

Francisco Cano

“Ever I went to Dr. XianHui Li’s office, and I felt relieved so much! I had my lower back pain and almost can’t move it. but all went away when I did acupuncture 3 times. It was unimaginable. Dr. Li is professional and nice person. She is very knowledgeable! It is the priority first to follow up treatment with her!

Vivien Wu

“Dr. Li and Dr Wu are healers in the truest sense of the word. In their treatments, both Dr. Li and Dr. Wu offer the perfect balance of Oriental and Western medicine. Their understanding and use of Chinese medicine and herbs tempered with an understanding of Western pathology enables them to offer effective treatments to their clients. As a patient and colleague, I’ve often felt and experienced Dr. Li’s and Dr. Wu’s healing talents. Both of them approach an individual with respect and gentleness—without judgment. They are both welcoming and kind and are quick to put their patients at ease. Their treatments are thorough and individualized for each of their patients. In their diagnosis and treatment, both Dr. Li and Dr. Wu seek to understand their patient’s concerns holistically and effectively. Dr. Li and Wu treat the whole person, not just the symptoms. As a student and colleague, I highly recommend Dr. Li and Dr. Wu for all your acupuncture and wellness needs.

Walter Hernandez

“I have been dealing with lower back problems since my mid-twenties. For more than half my life I have had episodes with my lower back to the point that I have needed injections to relieve the pain when it was unbearable. An orthopedic surgeon told me that surgery was a 50/50 chance of getting better. In 2007 my health issues started to get worse. I had neck surgery, I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, and in 2009 I had to have shoulder surgery. From 2007-2011 I had seen several specialists I had a variety of tests done, 5 MRIs, several blood tests, along with injections and medications. In the summer of 2012 best friend referred me to Dr. Li when I was having one of my lower back episodes. At the time, I was on three medications none of which helped with my lower back pain. My friend told me that Dr. Li practiced acupuncture and that I should consider alternative medicine. In my twenties I had acupuncture done on my neck and it did relieve the pain. Needless to say that after the first visit with her I left the office feeling much better. I had a few sessions done and felt so much better that I asked her to help me with my chronic neck pain, to help me manage my arthritis and my weight gain. I can happily say that I no longer take the three medications, my neck feels better, I have lost 12 pounds and the arthritis pain is so much better. In my case alternative medicine has worked because I have had treatment done and I have followed the suggestions of Dr. Li. My weight gain was due to a medication side effect, lack of mobility and basically eating too much. Dr Li helped me with treatment and by learning to eat sensibly. Once you make a decision to change your life style, which, in my case was to try alternative medicine only then, you can determine the advantages it has. If you are considering having acupuncture done I highly recommend Dr. Li and her husband Dr. Wu they are very knowledgeable and they are truly very genuine people, who are real professionals of their art!

Maggie R.

“Dr. Li is the best! I fell last year on my side, and since I am not a “spring chicken” anymore, I started having severe pains on my lower back, due to a herniated disc and certain back muscles becoming extremely tense from the trauma of the fall. I tried a chiropractor, self medication, and even went to an orthopedic doctor, who said I should back surgery. A friend recommended Dr. Li, and after a few sessions, the pain started subsiding, and my muscles were less tense. My back is now doing well, and now I only go for maintenance. Would highly recommend Dr. Li.

Mariana Salhuana

“everyone i gotta say sometimes we abandoned our health and it is so important. Ever since i went to our local Acupuncturer Dr. Xianhui Li i feel relieved , i had tension on my back , feeling tired , but all went away when i went to some sessions . Very good and professional Acupuncture office, don’t leave yourself behind, its our priority first before another hard day at work.

Leon Mo

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